Alla scoperta dei segreti dell’Altopiano di Asiago dove la storia dell'Europa di ieri ha molto da insegnare anche oggi (fotografie di Stefano Aluisini e Ruggero Dal Molin). Nel giugno 2018, a cura della nostra A.S.C. Fronte Sud Altopiano Sette Comuni, si sono anche per questo tenute una serie di iniziative commemorative che si possono vedere, con immagini e filmati, ad esempio sulla pagina dedicata del relativo sito internet, che gestisco unitamente agli altri due.

cimitero britannico VAL Magnaboschi

Il cimitero britannico di Magnaboschi è visitabile con la nostra applicazione "Dentro la memoria" realizzata in collaborazione con l'Archivio Storico Dal Molin.

Una visita ai Caduti in occasione del Centenario della Battaglia sull'Altopiano del 15 giugno 1918

Cimitero Britannico di Granezza, la storia di Edward e Vera Brittain

Il cimitero militare Britannico di Granezza dopo i lavori di manutenzione del 2017

Il cimitero militare Britannico di Granezza dopo i lavori di manutenzione del 2017

cimitero britannico e ospedaletto di barenthal

In memoria di David Field - C. Serjt. Major Royal Warwickshire Regt

Dalla Gran Bretagna, 6 febbraio 2017:

I wondered if someone could help me please and email me a photo of my ancestors grave which is in the Barenthal Military Cemetery ? His name is CSM David Field and his grave is in Plot 2, Row C, Grave 4. I understand I am being very cheeky in asking you this but I am now too old to fly out to see it for myself. If somebody could do this for me I would be very grateful. Many thanks


Dall'Altopiano di Asiago, 12 aprile 2017:

Hi Jackie, the snow has melted and in the early hours of yesterday we went to the British cemetery Barenthal (from Cimbra language: "Bear Valley") to take some photographs of the CSM David Field grave. The grave is the fourth starting from the right of the main monument, the nearest line. We enclose two photographs to this email. The others have been added in the first main gallery of our website. If you want to send us a few words about David or their history we will be happy to publish them on the site in his memory. 

FIELD, Company Serjeant Major, D, 267126, M M, 1st/7th Bn., Royal Warwickshire Regiment. , Died of accidental injuries 8 August 1918. Age 28. Son of David and Kate Field, of Warwick; husband of Mary Elizabeth Field, of 6, Chapel Row, Warwick. Grave Ref. Plot 2. Row C. Grave 4.

“Death divides but memories are ever dear”

Greetings by Asiago's Plateau

Stefano Aluisini

ASC Fronte Sud Altopiano 7 Comuni - Cesuna (VI) - Italy

Dalla Gran Bretagna, 13 aprile 2017:

Thank you so much. I had such an emotional moment when I saw those photos.I don't know much about David's military history as the papers are difficult to read. He was my grandfather's cousin. He joined the Territorial Army in August 1908 when he was just 17 years 11 months old. In 1916 he left the Territorial Army and joined the Warwickshire regiment as a non commissioned officer (NCO). I am not sure what role he played in Italy but shortly before he was killed he was promoted to Company Sergeant Major. He died in accident when an old fused flat nose mortar was thrown down and exploded. I feel so sad as he had a young wife he married in 1914 and he had two very small children. How awful this war was. I can't thank you enough for being so kind to take the photos for me - it really makes me feel happy to have them and I am so grateful you took the time to help.

Best Wishes


Grazie mille. Ho vissuto un momento così emozionante quando ho visto quelle foto. Io non so molto di storia militare di David, le carte sono difficili da leggere. Era cugino di mio nonno. Si è unito al Territorial Army nel mese di agosto 1908, quando aveva solo 17 anni 11 mesi di età. Nel 1916 lasciò l'esercito territoriale e si è unito al reggimento Warwickshire come complemento (NCO). Io non sono sicura di che ruolo ha giocato in Italia, ma poco prima di essere ucciso è stato promosso Sergente maggiore. E' morto in un incidente quando una granata di mortaio è stata gettata verso il basso ed è esplosa. Mi sento così triste; lui aveva una giovane moglie che sposò nel 1914 e aveva due figli molto piccoli. Come è terribile era questa guerra. Non posso ringraziarvi abbastanza per essere stato così gentile di prendere le foto per me - davvero. Mi sento felice di averle e sono così grata a chi ha il tempo per aiutare.



cimitero britannico di boscon

Il 23 maggio 2018, dopo una nostra prima corrispondenza via mail, si è tenuta una breve cerimonia al Cimitero del Boscon in memoria del Capitano Wood, ufficiale del Worcestershire Regiment, caduto a 29 anni in combattimento il 3 agosto del 1918, le cui immagini sono riportate in una pagina del sito associativo. Erano presenti, oltre ai parenti dell'ufficiale arrivati dalla Gran Bretagna, anche dei rappresentanti del Comune di Roana e della ASC Fronte Sud Altopiano Sette Comuni. Dopo alcuni giorni ho potuto anch'io rendere omaggio al valoroso ufficiale britannico, pur senza il piacere di aver conosciuto personalmente i suoi familiari.

23 marzo 2018, da Nottingham - Gran Bretagna

Captain Henry Wood  ("Uncle Harry", to us) was killed very near the end of the First World War, apparently struck  by a stray Austrian shell. He is buried in the Boscon Military Cemetery.

In May this year I am leading a group of nearly twenty members of my family on a journey to Asiago so that we can commemorate the hundredth anniversary of his death ( a few weeks early for various practical reasons). We made a similar trip to Loos, in France, in 2015 to remember his older brother who died, tragically, there (though his body was never found). At Boscon, we are going to have a little religious ceremony led  by one of my cousins, a retired Anglican priest. We will be spending two nights in a hotel in nearby Canove di Roana, on 22 and 23 May.

We are trying to find out as much as we can about Uncle Harry though we don't  have all that much information  yet. We have discovered that he fought  very bravely against  the Austrian attack at Asiago on 15 June 1918 - that was when he was awarded his immediate DSO,  and we have seen  a copy of the painting, owned by his Worcestershire Regiment, that shows the "Fight in the Woods" during which he led his men in episode after episode of ferocious fighting, resulting in the repulse of the Austrian attack.  Up to 300 Austrians (Bosnians) were either killed or captured  and the firefight was extremely intense. We understand that this was an important moment in the battle as an Austrian break-through would have been catastrophic for Italy at that stage of the War. It was some 6 weeks later that Uncle Harry was killed ( we have very beautiful condolence letters written by his fellow soldiers to his family at the time).

Dr. Tim Connery

26 marzo 2018, da Cesuna - Italia

Good evening Dr. Connery. We have no detailed information on the individual fighting of British soldiers at the time but we can provide you with two useful references.

The first is the link to our website on the Boscon Cemetery; Captain Wood also appears in the list of Boscon Fallen:

The second is the best known book, with numerous photographs, written by one of our members on British soldiers on the Asiago plateau; these are the references:



GINO ROSSATO EDITORE - ISBN 978-88-8130-122-5

We also join some of our photographs of the Boscon cemetery.

A cordial greeting from all of us ASC Fronte Sud Sette Comuni.

Stefano Aluisini

26 marzo 2018, da Nottingham - Gran Bretagna

It was very kind of you to send this information. I have looked at the links, which were are  interesting and informative. I would love to buy the book but unfortunately don't think my Italian is quite good enough to handle it, which is a shame.( I do speak French and Spanish but not Italian!).

We are very much looking forward to our commemoration on 23 May at Boscon. I wonder if any of your members would like to join us there at about midday? We will have a brief religious service led by my cousin, a retired Anglican priest. We  (about 20 of us) will be staying a couple of nights in Canove di Roana.

With thanks and best wishes,

Dr. Tim Connery